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SBT Good to know…

Dependecy problems

I have been having some difficulties figuring out what depends on what. I found the following set plugins which I think can be really helpful;


Be sure to install GraphWiz first, I used Homebrew on my Mac

brew install graphviz

and I also had to create a config file

with the following content

The readme explains how to use it pretty well, simply start sbt CLI

It will give you a graph that looks something like this (it is in SVG format so it is searchable!!!) Now you should see which package/jar is using which, and also where the different versions clash…dependency-graph


Show the class path for the run command


Create an MBean (JMX) in Scala

Create the MBean like this

NOTE, that the interface/trait must end with MBean in the name

And this is how you register your MBean

And the simply launch Java Mission Control (imc), attach to the JVM, and modify your MBean attributes as you like.


SBT module not found, why ?

I have an build.sbt file that looks like this

But for some reason I can’t get slf4j downloaded from the Maven repository (

If I search the Maven Repository, I can clearly see that the version I intend to use is there.

Running “sbt compile” from the command line will result in the following output, and here it is time to pay attention to the details, look at what it is trying to do !!!

As you can see above the package (jar) it tries to download is not slf4j-api it is slf4j-api_2.11;1.7.10

The build.sbt file uses the double and single % (percent) character and this is what makes the difference.  The %% makes SBT append the project specified scala version to the package name, resulting in a name “slf4j-api_2.11”.

BUT that name does not exist in the Maven Repository, however, the “slf4j-api” does

So by simply choosing one instead of two %, the problem will go away 🙂

Thus, the built.sbt should look like this instead

For reference go to to read more about how SBT handles decencies and the % and %%.

I read this article to finally get this right