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Apache Cassandra Secondary Indices

How are Secondary Indices really stored ? This is based on the article from Datastax found here;¬† Let’s just create a simple table

Or visualized as a table : Column Type Key id int Primary Key city text name … Continue reading

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UDF/User Defined Functions in Cassandra 3.x

I was just playing around with Cassandra WRITETIME and thought it was somewhat difficult to figure out the date / timestamp of a number like this (microseconds since EPOC) 1470645914253000. So in my example it looked like this

So … Continue reading

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Cassandra set the writetime explicitly with a PreparedStatement

This is a quick one, I wanted to set the writetime of a row explicitly when I populate the database for testing purposes. We use the writetime of a column to filter them out. It required some looking around to … Continue reading

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