Remove the cardo-updater agent from OSX

I have the intercom from Cardo Systems, and it is really good
BUT when I updated the firmware some time agoe, it decided to install some software that  takes port 8080, which is one of those really common ports used by a lot of applications out there. So it really becomes a problem…

Now I figured this out after using lsof

Then I got the PID, so now I could do a ps -ef, to figure out WHICH parent process started it.

Ohh PPID = 1 🙂 That is the launchd-process


OK so now we know it is the launchd process.
So first just find it in launchd

Now in order to unload it we need to find the path to the plist file


As you can see above the plist file is :

path = /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.cardosystems.cardo-updater.plist

Allright, so now we can unload it

And that is it !


13 thoughts on “Remove the cardo-updater agent from OSX

  1. Really appreciate your post, helped me to fix an issue I was having with a program that runs my CNC machine. It was crashing when I attempted to open it, and after some searching I found this article. Everything is running smoothly now. I hope you have a great weekend. Many thanks!

    1. is there a way to delete the updater permanently? It comes back after each restart of the Macbook …


      1. Haha, I thought I had removed it for good, but you are right.
        I need to figure this out !
        That means that it is initiated by some other process somewhere

  2. Sincere thanks. My Apple mail had slowed to a crawl, and I blamed Mohave. I noticed that card updater was always using a lot of CPU. Once I cleared it, Apple Mail sped right up. BTW I cannot find /usr/local.

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