Calculate the minimum waste when cutting planks…

I made a web application which will calculate the most optimum layout of your pieces you would like to cut from a plank. This helps in figuring out how many planks of a certain size you would have to buy, and also gives you which pieces should be cut out on each plank.

Not sure how many times I have been sitting there, trying to figure out how many to buy, and now I simply thought that a small web-app would be nice. In fact I tried to google this, but it turns out that most people say stuff like, well add 10-15% to the total length, but that just does not work for me, that is way to inaccurate.

This page is currently in Swedish only, but until it has been translated, I bet you will understand anyway, the user interface is pretty easy to use (should not require any translation I think)…

anyway, here is the link;



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