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SQL Scratch

These are just scratches/notes for my work with Prestashop

select id_product, reference from ps_product where reference like '9254050' limit 10;
Uppercase first letter only on string, and lowercase the others (remove any spaces infront or at the end)
select name, concat(upper(left(name,1)),lower(substring(name,2,length(name)))) from ps_product_lang where id_product = 22285 limit 10;
update ps_product_lang set name = concat(upper(left(trim(name),1)),lower(substring(trim(name),2,length(trim(name)))));

Create copy of table / duplicate table (select into kind of)

create table tobias_ps_product_lang_20211107 as select * from ps_product_lang;
create table tobias_ps_product_shop_20220113 as select id_product, id_shop, price, wholesale_price from ps_product_shop;
select id_product, id_shop, price, wholesale_price from ps_product_shop;

Apache SPARK and Cassandra and SQL

This is a short intro to start using Apache SPARK with Cassandra, running SQL on the Cassandra tables.

Note that I am not running a SPARK cluster, I am running “local”, to me this is really convenient, not having to run a SPARK server and workers for something so small. So for playing around with SPARK and Cassandra this is really good.

I am using Scala and SBT.

Something I was struggling hard with, to get the dependency versions right. It is crucial that you do not do like I did first, use version 1.5.2 of Spark and 1.5.0 for SparkCassandraConnector, this will NOT work. I constantly got exception with java.lang.NoSuchMethodException, so incredibly frustrating to try out version after version.


A small Scala program to show how it works


The output…