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SBT Good to know…

Dependecy problems I have been having some difficulties figuring out what depends on what. I found the following set plugins which I think can be really helpful; and Be sure to install GraphWiz first, I used Homebrew on … Continue reading

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Create an MBean (JMX) in Scala

Create the MBean like this

NOTE, that the interface/trait must end with MBean in the name And this is how you register your MBean

And the simply launch Java Mission Control (imc), attach to the JVM, and modify … Continue reading

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SBT module not found, why ?

I have an build.sbt file that looks like this

But for some reason I can’t get slf4j downloaded from the Maven repository ( If I search the Maven Repository, I can clearly see that the version I intend to … Continue reading

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See who is connected to the same network / WIFI

There are tools out there, such as Angry IP Scanner, iNet or IP Scanner,  but this can easily be done using a bash script, not as nice looking perhaps but it does the job. The script :

Which should … Continue reading

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Övervakning av min IVT-490 värmepump med Raspberry Pi

I denna artikeln ska jag försöka beskriva mitt lilla projekt med att övervaka min IVT-490 värmepump med en Raspberry P. Jag har hämtat mycket kunskap från dessa två forum-trådar : och Min värmepump har ett interface som ser … Continue reading

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Calculate the minimum waste when cutting planks…

I made a web application which will calculate the most optimum layout of your pieces you would like to cut from a plank. This helps in figuring out how many planks of a certain size you would have to buy, … Continue reading

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DTrace;ing the JVM, useful tips

I am using DTrace from time to time and it is really nice, you can do a lot with it. This page is mostly a reminder to myself cause there are tons of pages out there if you google it, … Continue reading

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Printopia a great AirPrinter server for your USB printer

I have recently starting to use Printopia on my iMac, it makes it possible to use my USB printer connected to my iMac as a AirPrinter, and thus I am able to print from my iPhone or iPad. What a … Continue reading

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Me and my son off for a short trip with the bike

This is me and my son taking a ride, we have only been out for a couple of times, but he likes it, and I like it a lot !!!

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